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Required documents

An Isolation Exemption Certificate, Consent Form for Isolation Exemption, Agreement to Facility Quarantine, Passport and Copy of Passport, Invitation from the Committee, and Business Registration Certificate.

Upon arrival to Korea, you will be PCR examined and will wait for the examination results at a temporary screening facility for up to 24 hours. Testing and treatment expenses for overseas entrants are covered by the Korean government, and those who overseas entrants must bring both their passport and identification card. If the result shows negative, the entrants are eligible to enter the country and participate in the conference under active monitoring through the mobile application.

Invitation letter

Tips for Invitation Letter

We would like to inform you that the Organizing Committee will be pleased to provide an official invitation letter to those who need it for Visa application to enter the Republic of Korea.

The Letter is not a commitment on the part of the organizer to provide any financial support. This request will be processed as a part of the online registration system.

Such an invitation is only intended to help potential attendees to obtain visa, but it does not guarantee visa issuance.

The official invitation letter, to be used for application of visa, will be available ONLY to those who have completed the registration payment.

How to download the Invitation Letter

  • 1) Please access 'My Page' with your registered ID (e-mail) and Password
  • 2) Click on ‘Invitation Letter’ at to print out a copy of the original invitation letter in color.
  • 3) If you want to download a file, please print it out to a PDF file when you do print it.

Reference website of national embassy (listed in alphabetically)

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