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Dear Colleagues,

We believe that you and your family are always healthy and safe as usual, even in unexpected chaotic situations with Coronavirus these days.

The current situation in Korea has calmed down a lot and most international conferences in Korea will be held normally from July.

The organizing committee once considered delaying the hosting of the conference, but even if it did, it would be difficult to ensure that the situation in other countries would be improved, and some experts worry that the situation could be worse than it is now because of the flu after the fall.

Moreover, as you know, the PASMISS 2021 is already scheduled to be held in Japan next year, so after much consideration, the organizing committee is planning to hold this year's conference in August as scheduled. We sincerely ask for your generous understanding of our decision.

Also, we would like to inform you that you will be able to attend the international conference in Korea without isolation if you submit several documents with a letter of invitation by the organizing committee. For the latest updates and information on the conference, please visit our website and continue to check the PASMISS Newsletter.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation. Should there be any concerns and opinions, please contact us.